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Water Heating

With electric water heating, you'll have the safest and most reliable water heating system you can chose for your home. There are no worries about open flames or lack of adequate venting that are common with gas water heaters.

Heating elements are immersed in the tank for 100% heating efficiency.

Agralite recommends storage water heaters. Water is heated over night and you use the stored hot water during the day. You need enough capacity so that you will have adequate hot water to meet your needs throughout the day.

Heating water with electricity is the most economical system you can use. It beats the price of propane and gives your family all of the safety advantages of electric water heating.

You are responsible for providing adequate water heater capacity for the needs of your family. Agralite recommends at least 105 gallons. If you need more hot water, a different control method may give you more. You pay all equipment and installation costs.

You also need to have your electrician install a meter socket and the radio receiver that controls the heating cycle.

Agralite stocks lifetime warranty Marathon water heaters for load management use.

Your water heating sub-meter has a $2.50 meter fee each month. It is read by a Turtle just as your main meter is. The water heating energy depends on the way your water heater is controlled:


On the storage control code so it is energized only at night, the rate is:

7.32¢/kWh in June, July, and August (equivalent to $1.77 propane)
6.02¢/kWh in the other months (equivalent to $1.45 propane)

   On the peak shave control code so it is energized unless controlled, the rate is:

   7.82¢/kWh in June, July, and August (equivalent to $1.70 propane)
   6.52¢/kWh in the other months (equivalent to $1.45 propane)
A $300 per unit rebate is available for installation of a 105-gallon electric water heater to replace a fossil fuel water heater or when installed in a new home.  The water heater must be under load management control under the storage control strategy.
Call Agralite for more information on safe, clean, economical water heating systems.
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