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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps on the Energy Wise program give you the most economical heat of any heating system.  The heat pump is over 100% efficient for heating, and on the dual fuel Energy Wise rate, you will have the lowest energy costs for heating.  Rebates are available for the installation of air source heat pumps if installed by a quality installer.  Ground source heat pumps are rebated based on the size installed.

Energy Wise heating with a heat pump is billed at $0.0652 for all heating energy.  All sub-meters have a $2.50 monthly fee.

Heat pumps used for cooling, and air conditioners, on the Energy Wise program, allow you to cool your home at the cycled air conditioning rate.  Cooling systems are cycled on and off during peak load times.  This helps control energy use but it also keeps you comfortable.

The cycled cooling Energy Wise program gives you cooling at a $0.0782/kWh rate.  In some cases, an annual credit applied to your electrical bill is a cheaper way for you to have cycled air and help reduce the peak demand.


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