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Slab Heating

Benefits of radiant floor heating:

• Comfortable - Consistent, even heat remains near the floor, eliminating inconsistent temperatures throughout your home.

• Economical - Because you are in direct contact with the heat source, you are comfortable at a lower thermostat setting using less energy and helping save money on your electric bill. Operating costs can also be reduced by using a heat pump and through Energy Wise programs offered by Agralite Electric Cooperative. Contact Agralite for details.

• Safe, clean and quiet - The system is electric. Therefore, no venting is needed, eliminating concerns with carbon monoxide and back drafting. The system also is good for indoor air quality because it doesn’t move dust and allergens like forced air heating can.

• Versatile - Slab Heating can be used to heat your entire home or just sections such as your basement, bathrooms or kitchen. Garages, workshops, sheds, and dairy barns are also perfect applications for Slab Heating. It works with any type of floor covering - even carpet.*

• Easy installation and low maintenance - Small boilers can be wall mounted to save floor space. Slab heating has no filters to change and requires no annual tune-ups.

• Unlike forced air heating systems, radiant floor heating heats your body and objects, not the air. The warmth stays down around the floor where it is needed most.

*Value of carpet and pad should be below R-2


                   Typical Layout Pattern

Agralite Electric Cooperative's Program
Agralite Electric Cooperative urges our members to use the most effective and efficient system to heat their home. Slab heating can be an important part of that system.
To get Agralite’s cheapest rate, $0.0602/kWh, install the resistance mats or tubing carrying the hot water in sand under the basement floor. That gives the system enough storage mass so that it can be energized only at night. You still stay warm because the floor radiates heat all day long.

Other installations, such as under carpeting, tile or other flooring, does not provide enough heat storage mass for the storage heat program. Installed like is, the system is considered a dual-fuel heating system and requires another source of heat for the home. The boiler will be controlled on the coldest days of the year and a backup heating system will be required to keep the house warm in the evening.


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