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Storage Heat

Storage heat is energized 8 hours per day. On the storage rate you will get the lowest rate for water heating. There is also $2.50 per month meter fee.

Storage heat is one of the most modern heating systems available. With it you heat at low cost storage electric rates that save you money. Storage heating systems are recharged overnight and give clean uniform heat during the day. Other than a heat pump, this is one of the most economical heating systems available today.

All electricity used by storage heating systems receives a $0.0602/kWh credit off the general service electric rate.

A slab heating system uses cables or tubes buried in sand below the lowest level of the house, you get uniform heat with no heat ducts, registers or vents. It's easy to install for new construction and requires almost no maintenance.

Room storage heaters are ideal for a cold corner in the basement, for additions, and for supplemental heat. They can also be used to convert an all-electric home to a dual heat home.

Available for a $25.00/kW rebate under load maagement control under the storage control strategy.

Contact your heating or electrical contractor for information on storage heating systems.


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