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Your Role as a Member

  1. If you have an outage, call Agralite at 1-888-884-3887.
  2. Call Agralite to report any problems along the lines that need attention; damaged poles, broken insulators, and trees growing in the lines are a concern to us.
  3. If you plan to dig, call Gopher State One Call (1-800-252-1166) to have all underground utility lines located.  This is a toll-free call and lines will be located free of charge to you.  Please call at least 48 hours before the work is to start.  Warn any contractors that you will have working for you that they must call at least 48 hours before construction starts.  You will pay for the cost of repairing any underground utility lines that are damaged if Gopher State One Call was not notified.
  4. Report any metering problems promptly.  You are responsible for all power you use.  If the meter stops or malfunctions, you are still responsible for the power.
  5. Pay your electric bill by the 20th of the month.  This avoids a late payment charge for you and allows Agralite to run smoothly and meet its financial obligations.
  6. Maintaining a distance between trees and power lines is a continuing program.  Please support our efforts to provide you with reliable service by granting permission to clear any right-of-way located on your property.
  7. If you move, call Agralite two weeks before the date of your move and let us know the final date for which you are responsible.  Please give us your forwarding address so your final bill and future capital credits will reach you.  When you move, check and report the final meter reading.
  8. If you are a renter and are moving, it is your responsibility to contact us with a final meter reading and give us the name of the person responsible for future bills, whether it will be a new renter or the property owner.  Owners of rental property should contact Agralite with a final meter reading when an account will be vacaed or when there will be a change of renters.  New renters must contact the office to make arrangements to become members before receiving service.
  9. Read your monthly newsletter.  The Agralite News will keep you well informed about Agralite.  It contains news items about your cooperative and articles on conservation, electrical safety, load management programs, appliances, and energy related topics.  Each issue contains classified ads that are free to members.
  10. If you pay a monthly fee to have Agralite maintain your security light, report any maintenance problems promptly.  That will help us give you the best possible service.
  11. Report load management equipment problems as soon as possible.  Some programs include free maintenance as a part of our commitment to you.  If the equipment is not functioning properly, it may be costing you more for your power.
  12. Each spring an Annual Meeting of the membership is held.  Please attend the meeting to learn more about your cooperative and to elect your director every three years.


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