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Wellspring Energy

Agralite is making environmentally friendly wind energy available to our members. Agralite members who are concerned about the environment can sign up to have a part of their energy generated from wind power. You sign up in blocks of 100 kilowatt hours per month, with a one year commitment.

Wind energy comes at a premium price; it will cost about $0.60 per 100 kilowatt hour over the cost of your normal energy bill. For example, if you presently pay $75 for electricity and you sign up for 1 block (100 kilowatt hours) of wind energy, your bill will be $75.60 for the same amount of electricity.

The wind turbines will be constructed in the Buffalo Ridge area in Minnesota. That is the windiest part of the state and the area where wind turbines are the most feasible.

For additional information and to sign up, click here.


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