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Report outages immediately by calling 1-888-884-3887.

Your calls will be answered by Agralite Electric Cooperative during business hours, and by the Cooperative Response Center (a professional response system for taking calls after-hours and during major outages) during non-business hours.

Report outages immediately.  You'll get your power back sooner and you'll help us isolate the problem more quickly.  But first:

  1. Check your fuses or circuit breakers, including those on the meter pole, to see if they've blown or tripped.  Check your meter, if the red light is on, then it is a problem on your side of the meter.  If you do not see a red light, it is Agralite's problem.
  2. Make sure the phone number you have listed with us is current to help expedite your call.  Please inform us of all numbers you may call from.
  3. Unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as TV's and computers.
  4. Unplug refrigerators, freezers, and other major appliances.  Reducing the load when power is restored may prevent additional outage time.  Leave a light on so you will know when power has been restored.

Agralite maintains everything from the substation to your transformer, including our lines and the transformer in your yard.  All lines between the transformer and the final point of use are your responsibility.  The meter is Agralite's but the meter loop is your responsibility.  Call a licensed electrician for service on your lines and on equipment that is your responsibility.

Please call Agralite to report any problems along our lines that need attention; damaged poles, broken insulators, and trees growing in the lines are a concern to us.  Reporting such conditions may save an outage on your lines.


Ever wonder how power is restored?  Watch this 5-minute video to find out!


Other RESOURCES for keeping safe during an outage:


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