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Home Energy Financing

Residential members who want to update their homes are able to finance their purchase of home energy products with a loan from National Cooperative Bank (NCB). We've worked together with NCB to expand member access to our home energy products and services. These loans are available to Agralite members interested in products such as standby generators, geothermal installations, or even home efficiency projects such as window upgrades and insulation. 

This provides a flexible option for members to spread their investment cost over multiple years instead of needing to make an up-front cash payment in order to participate and enjoy the benefits of these offerings. 

Questions about the loans can be directed to Brittney Baldwin at 866-499-3517. If you have any questions related to Agralite's load management programs, please contact our Member Services department at 320-843-4150. 

Loans can be used for a variety of investments, including:                                                                        

  • Energy Storage
  • EV Chargers
  • Generators
  • Appliances
  • Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Installations 

Apply for Home Energy Financing today! 


Home Energy Consumer Loan (Unsecured)* Home Energy Consumer Loan (Secured)* 
Loan Amount: $3,000 to $30,000 Loan Amount: $30,001 to $100,000
Loan Term: 5 to 8 years (not to exceed useful life of asset) Loan Term: 5 to 8 years (not to exceed useful life of asset)
Interest Rate: Fixed Rate Interest Rate: Fixed Rate
Total Financing Available: 100% of project costs Total Financing Available: 100% of project costs
Application Fee: N/A Application Fee: $150; non-refundable due at closing
Loan Funding: 100% paid to consumer Loan Funding: 100% paid directly to consumer
  Collateral: UCC Filing on energy equipment










*Certain restrictions apply. All products offered are subject to National Cooperative Bank, N.A. guidelines. Banking products and services provided by National Cooperative Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. NCB NMLS #422343



1. I am interested in financing my energy project, can you tell me about the loan products?

We have a program with National Cooperative Bank (NCB) in providing 5-8 year secured and unsecured loans for our electric co-op members. The minimum loan amount is $3,000 and you can finance up to 100% of the project cost. Interest rates vary based upon the term and individual credit, ut rates are very competitive. If you would like to check rates, please call NCB's Brittney Baldwin at 866-499-3517. 

2. How do I apply? 

You can easily apply online at You can also call Brittney Baldwin at 866-499-3517. 

3. What can I finance? 

You can finance home energy upgrades, including energy efficient appliances, HVAC units, geothermal units, windows, and backup generators. 

4. What are the fees? 

There is no application fee for an unsecured loan ($3,000 to $30,000). The bank charges an origination fee of $150 for a secured loan ($30,001 to $100,000) that is due at closing. 

5. How long does the process take?

Typically the process takes between 3-5 days and that depends on making sure you provide all the documentation to NCB.

6. How do I pay my loan bill?

The bill for your loan with NCB will be mailed directly to you on a monthly basis. You can pay your loan electronically via ACH or wire, or via regular check. 

7. Why should I finance with National Cooperative Bank?

National Cooperative Bank has designed a program for residential members of Electric Cooperatives based on its experience with consumer and energy finance. You, as our consumer-member, get the best of both - a bank that knows the business combined with a personal commitment and connection to the customers it serves. Applying is easy and can be done via telephone or securely online. NCB's product offers terms from 5-8 years allowing you to enjoy low, fixed payments over the long term with minimal upfront fees. 


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