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Distributed Generation

Documents needed for installation of Distributed Generation Systems of less than 40 kW on Agralite Electric Cooperative lines.

All documents must be filled out and signed by a member of Agralite Electric Cooperative.

Complete Packet


Individual forms:

The Policy outlines Agralite's position for Interconnecting to our system.
This Notice provides information about revisions to Minnesota Statute 216B.164.  
Outlines the technical requirements for interconnections.
Explains the process and steps needed to complete the interconnection.
This application must be completed and returned to Agralite to begin processing the DG request.
Annually calculated revenue rates for General Single Phase and General Multiphase.
Statewide Contract for Cogeneration.  To be completed after Agralite confirms approval of the interconnection project.
For questions or information regarding systems over 40 kW in size, contact:
Jonathan Messner
Phone: 320-843-4150
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