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Cold Weather Rule

Minnesota residential cold weather law (MN Statute, Ch 235, sec.216B.097) provides that cooperative utilities cannot disconnect a residential consumer between October 15 and April 15, provided that certain conditions are met.  These conditions include:

  1. The disconnection would affect the customer's primary heat source; and
  2. The customer has declared an inability to pay on forms provided by the coop; and
  3. The household income of the customer is less than 50% of the state median income, as documented by the customer to the coop; and you have entered into a payment schedule and are reasonably current with your scheduled payments.

It is important to remember that a customer must meet all of the above conditions in order to be covered by the law.

There are several agencies that provide financial assistance to qualifying households.  We urge you to check with them for details on available programs. Contact your local health and human services department, or one of the community action councils listed below.

Prairie 5 CAC 320-269-7976
West Central CAC 800-492-4805
Heartland CAC 320-235-0850


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