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Capital Credits

Because Agralite is a cooperative business, we return our profits to our patrons.  We credit any profits (or margins) we make during the year to each member's capital credit account.  Your share of the capital credits for the year depends on the amount you have paid into the cooperative during that year and on the total margins of the cooperative for the year.

Agralite retains your capital credits for a number of years and uses that money as operating capital.  By retaining your capital credits, we reduce our needs for borrowed operating money.  As money is available, and as the board decides, we pay capital credits to all people who were members in a certain year.

Each year members receive a notice showing the amount of capital credits that has been credited to their account for the past year.  We pay capital credits to estates on a discounted basis since the heirs receive it ahead of active members.

If you move or leave Agralite's lines, call the office and let us know your forwarding address.  As capital credits are paid in the future, they will be sent to your last know address.


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